China Eastern (water-proofed)

A chubby cartoon plane shows how friendly the skies in China are becoming.

Thanks to Timo Korf (2004)


China Eastern (poorer printing)

Clearly saving money in the new competitive environment. But they've plastered blue ink all over the reverse of the bag. At least they've managed to get the spelling right.

This bag is made by CZAA - or who am I to disbelieve what it says in the gusset?

Thanks to Dietmar Ebert (2004)


China Eastern (water-proofed, LLRY)

Got the spelling right - but had to switch bagmakers to do it. The gusset says this bag is made by "Li Le Rou Yin", Their phone number, in case you want to order some extra bags while aloft, is 0577-64201628.

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2007)


China Eastern (water-prfooed)

Haha, I wonder how many of these bags they printed before someone spotted the typo?

Thanks to Timo Korf (2004)



China Eastern (water-prfooed, off centre)

A creative way for China Eastern to disguise the typo - just fold the bag off centre, and the error disappears into the gusset, where no one but the most painstaking baggist is going to notice it.

"It's just a misprint of chinaeastern07, so doesn't count as a separate bag", I hear you say?

Think again: this bag is significantly thinner than the other one - the gussets open up to only 3 cm, only half the depth of the regular prfooed bag.

And just what is the red streak on the seam?

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2008)


China Eastern (water-prfooed, short stripe)

Here's a quick guide to spotting variants of China Eastern's standard design. Check the following features:

bulletSpelling of water-proofed (prfooed, prooed)
bulletDepth of the bag from front to back
bulletType of paper
bulletLength of the blue stripe down the left side
bulletHeight of the small diagonal block at the top of the blue stripe
bulletPresence and location of the dashes under the "Tear off" notice
bulletType in the gusset
bulletReverse white or blue.

Doesn't this detective work make bagging so much fun?

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2007)


China Eastern (water-prfooed, shallower)

Like chinaeastern07, but shallower from front to back, and with a different arrangements of dashes under the "Tear off".

Thanks to Piet van der Poel (2007)


China Eastern (water-prooed)

Oops, no the spelling is still not quite right. No guessing how many years of hard labour this error cost.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly (2005)

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