China Airlines

An exciting blend of new technologies and helpful instructions in this bag. The text on the front is at the bottom of the bag and is printed upside-down (so you can read it when the bag is still in the seat pocket?). The twin wire tabs (unfortunately slightly rusting) are cunningly concealed inside the side folds. On the back of the bag, the instruction "fold dotted line" is printed along each of the two lines at the top and, just in case you missed it, is repeated above the little diagrams at the bottom. There's even a recycling symbol. What more could one want from a bag -- except perhaps some livelier design? 

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2000) 


China Airlines (right way up)

In a development that is thrilling bag aficionados worldwide, China Airlines has decided to put the blue stripe at the top of the bag, and print the airline name the right way up.

Thanks to Aidan Stradling. (2004)


China Airlines (lines)

The type on this bag is still upside-down. Read it before you decide to puke. China Airlines has made a bid for authenticity by having the recycle symbol printed in green. 

Thanks to Bedford McIntosh. (2001)

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