Cathay Pacific (1999)

Improvements often occur through gradual evolution rather than revolutionary change. This bag is slightly smaller than the 1995 bag above, a different hue of blue-grey, and sports the airline name in a slightly smaller typeface. Cathay have ditched the wire wing tabs (did they get caught in the mesh of the seat pocket as a desperate passenger tried to grab the bag in an emergency?). The tabs have been replaced by a tear-off sticky strip. There's a paper tab to tear off before using the bag. One imagines the floor being littered with tear-off tabs and strips after a particularly bumpy Cathay flight.

Thanks to Ted Griffiths. (1999)


Cathay Pacific (save environment)

A polite message just under the tear-off strip says "Please protect your environment, use this bag only when appropriate". So make sure you really, really want to puke before tearing open the bag. 

It might be more honest if it said, "Don't fill up Hong Kong's scarce landfill space by using this bag, and help boost our corporate profits by leaving it  for the  next passenger who sits in this seat."

Thanks to  (2000) Bedford McIntosh


Cathay Pacific (2001)

Like the bag above, but without perforations on the tear-off tab, making it even less likely you'll use this bag if you don't really need it.

Thanks to Dewa Sadra. (2001)

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