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Buddha Air (white)

Disappointingly un-ornate bag from this Nepalese carrier. I had hoped for a gold-and-jade design featuring a meditating Buddha. (Just to reassure you: you don't have to use the lotus position on Buddha's seats.)

Thanks to the charming Kabita Dewan of Buddha Air in Kathmandu (1999)


Buddha Air (blue)

Still no meditation, jade or gold, but a nicer design than the white item above. Looks like Buddha Air stole the design from Jet Airways of India.

I got this on a "mountain flight": a one-hour joyride offered by Buddha and several other airlines out of Kathmandu. There were only nine passengers in the 19-seater Beechcraft, so we were able to move about the cabin. I managed to steal six bags while the others were gawking at Mount Everest. That's a 30% success rate. A highly enjoyable flight. (2001) 


Buddha Air (cabincrew)

Slightly more purple, and retypeset.

Thanks to John Farrington. (2003)


Buddha Air (cabin-crew)

Re-typeset since last year, with a couple of errors in the English: lowercase "c" in "close by folding towards you", and cabin-crew is now hyphenated.

Thanks to Hans Hockey. (2002)


Buddha Air (white stripe on base at left)

Nearly missed this one: the bag is the same as the one above, but the paper reinforcement on the base has a white stripe on it, on the left...

Thanks to Hans Hockey. (2002)


Buddha Air (white stripe on base at right)

...and on the right.

Thanks to Hans Hockey. (2002)


Buddha Air (puking woman)

Truly a multipurpose bag. "Application", it says under the line drawing of a barfing woman. "This bag can be used for vomitting, spitting, throwing the wrappers of chocolates, etc. and throwing baby's excreta in the flight period. Thanks!"

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2004)


Buddha Air (faded; dark tab)

No puking females on this bag. The ink has faded - diluted, perhaps, or faded in the sunlight. The tab is held on with a dark purple piece of paper.

Thanks to Shuva Sharma (2005)


Buddha Air (faded; light tab)

Still faded, but this time to match the paper fixing the tab to the bag.

Thanks to Shuva Sharma (2005)

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