British Airways (large)

Large 1980s (?) bag. It has to be oversized so all the instructions fit.

Thanks to Steve Silberberg. (2003)

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British Airways (1996)

Note the detailed graphics, telling you how to do everything except spew in this bag. The reverse side has instructions in 11 languages, including Greek and Hindi. That's a record for a barfbag. Truly the world's favourite airline.



British Airways (<1996)

Same as the bag above, but before the French was edited. On the bag above it begins with "Ce sac est a votre disposition". On this one it says "Sac a dechets etanche. Pour mode d'emploi, voir instructions au dos" (same as the grey stripes bag above).

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000) 

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British Airways (1999)

Oh dear, I've been scanning the bags on this site the wrong way up. Turn your monitor over, and you'll see that it says "waste" in huge letters: the biggest type yet seen on an airsickness bag. It also says it in Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Hindi—mercifully, in smaller type. Languages dropped since the previous version of BA's bag are French, German, Italian, Greek and something I don't recognize (it must be either Farsi or Urdu). Tough luck (that's "tant pis" in French and "Pech" in German) if you speak any of these languages. BA has also done away with the detailed graphics, keeping only two (no cigarettes and no liquids).

If American Airlines has a bAArfbag, does that make this one a BArfbag?

Thanks to Liz Drake. (1999)

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British Airways (Concorde)

It looks like the bag above, it feels like the bag above... but it came from Concorde. Honest. It's got the pilot's and co-pilot's signatures to prove it, though they don't show up in the thumbnail to the left. Still don't believe me? Tough. You might ask Jürgen Klein if he has any spares (like I did: it's much cheaper than the ticket). (1999)

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