British Airtours

Plain 'n' simple from this defunct chunk of the British Airways empire.

Thanks to Kevin Middleton. (2004)


British Airtours (red arrow)

Subtle small-caps typography is accented by the stylish red half arrow. With a handy thumbhole to help you prise the bag open in an emergency.

Thanks to Roger Macrae. (2004)


British Airways ("tarnished")

"I threw in an extra old British Airways although it's a bit tarnished", said Bruce Kelly when he sent me this bag. The instructions say "If used, hand to cabin crew for disposal". Looks like this particular bag escaped the crew's clutches.

Thanks, Bruce. (2000)


British Airways (clean)

Looks like the bag above, but the German is on three lines instead of two. So yes, it's optically different. It's cleaner, too.

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001)


British Airways (coat of arms)

No little pictures, but lots of languages: English, German, French and Spanish on one side; Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Plus BA's coat of arms: illegible at the tiny size it's reproduced. 

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2000)


British Airways (grey stripes)

An old British Airways bag, from the days when passengers had to be given precise instructions. There are six little graphics telling you what to do and what not to do. Complete with little BA logos on the bags in each picture. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into making the instructions realistic.

Thanks to Steffen Heinrich. (2000)


British Airways (grey stripes, crinkle cut)

Nearly the same as the striped monstrosity above, but it's crinkle-cut at the top. Gently caresses your cheeks as you lean over it, and prevents paper-cuts, too.

Thanks to Stephen James. (2001) 

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