Blue Air

An "Airsikness Bag" (yes, without the "c") from a Romanian carrier without access to a spellchecker.

Presumably the air really was blue when they discovered this error... I wonder if Blue Air's executives know what the idiom "the air was blue" actually means?

Thanks to Nico Snels. (2005)


Blue Panorama

Pretty bag with repeated boomerang logos: 222 in all. That makes 444 boomerangs, as each logo consists of two.

Thanks to Sam Green. (2001)


Blue Panorama (310220)

The Italian carrier is economizing on logos - this bag has just one on each side. Plus, it seems to have been hand made: the folds are definitely a-kilter.

310220? It's in tiny type in one of the gussets. Any idea what it means?

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht. (2005)


Blue Panorama (Effatą)

A boring plastic bag made special by the fine print (in English and Italian):

"The production of this small bag allows Blu Panorama to support Effatą Social Cooperative of teh Franciscan Friars in Busto Arsizio, Italy. Effatą gives diabled people the opportunity of a job."

Finally, a bag you can feel good about puking into, or stealing, for that matter.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein (2006)


Blue Scandinavia

Pretty bag showing the flight path to escape from a green planet about to crash into the Sun, towards a distant white dwarf star.

One of the nicer bag designs on the planet.

Thanks to Josef Gebele. (2002)


Blue Wings

Blue Wings' two tadpoles are mating in the 69 position.

Thanks to Anke Scherer and Dietmar Ebert (2007)

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