An ancient bag that Roger Macrae sent me for free because it was stained.

Somehow I particularly enjoy getting bags that tell a story. I've sent this one for DNA testing to try to identify the source of the stain, and perhaps the date, flight number and name of the passenger involved.

Thanks to Roger Macrae (2004)


BEA (blue/grey)

Far too stylish to be from the old British European Airways that was merged into British Airways.

It might be from British European, a firm that now trades under the name flybe. Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Bearskin Airlines

Boring bag from a boreal carrier. Nearly identical to the equally boring Alaska bag, but the wire tabs are a different construction.

That's a Bearskin pen beneath it. No, I don't collect airline pens. Ken Pugh put it in the bag as proof of origin, and I felt you deserved a splash of colour after putting up with this bag.

Thanks, Ken. (2001)


Same bag, same design, even the same cute kid and moggie as Balair. They've changed one letter in the airline name. A tax dodge, perhaps? See for the inside gen.

No, it's not Belgian, nor Belarusian; this airline is Swiss.

Thanks to Homer Goetz (2005)



At last: a big hole in the bagmap of Europe is filled with this Belarussian item.

The Belavia logo looks like the vapour trails from an exploding aircraft.

Thanks to Robert Grove. (2002)



At last, a Nigerian bag. I don't know whether this is because Nigerian carriers don't provide bags, or whether they offer such a rough ride that the bags all get used up before landing.

This Bellview bag shows either a smaller bird attacking a larger species, or perhaps an attempt to mate in mid-flight.

Thanks to Eric van Amerom. (2006)



Berjaya Air

My source says that this came from "a small, unknown airline in Sri Lanka". Strange: Berjaya Air is a small, unknown airline in Malaysia, not Sri Lanka.

This bag comes from a bagmaker that was new to me: Air Supply Aviation Products of Singapore.

Thanks to Benjamin Seeland (via Yumiko Mathias) (2005)

Update: Benjamin got in touch with me to say that this bag did in fact come from Malaysia. Thanks for the correction!

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