Balkan Bulgarian Airlines

An unusual construction: a paper bag, with a crumpled plastic bag inside to provide the waterproofing so sought after by passengers and airline cleaning crews alike. The top of the paper bag is folded inside to hold the plastic bag in place.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2000) 


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (light green)

Light green, also thoughtfully provided with a plastic lining.

Thanks to Hans Timmer. (2001)


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (dark green)

Dark green, but no lining. "For airsickness" in Bulgarian appears to be "ползувай при прилошаване".

Thanks to Hans Timmer. (2001)


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (planes)

Features hundreds of little planes -- they cover the front, back, base, gussets, and even wrap round the top into the inside. 932 in all: quite a large proportion of the world fleet on one bag.

Thanks to Sam Green. (2001)


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (vertical)

The Balkan designer has gone for a classier look on this bag, but it still has the same loose plastic lining.

Thanks to Aidan Stradling. (2003) 


Balkan Bulgarian (blue)

A fine older bag from the Balkan republic, replete with a Communist star whizzing leftwards.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (grey type)

Balkan have spent so much on their Z-shaped new logo that they can't afford the ink to show us what pretty colours it is.

An innovation in wedge bag design (that's "bags with pointy bottoms" to you and me): the bottom of the wedge is folded over and is printed with the airline logo.

In an additional twist, the "For airsickness" text is printed right way up on one side and upside down on the other. No wonder they couldn't afford any coloured ink after so much expensive design input.

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht (2008)


Balkan Holidays Airlines: see BHAir

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