Bald Mountain Air

Best described by Bruce Kelly:

The bag started out at a tee shirt shop as a lowly sack to put tee shirts in at Homer Alaska (a small fishing town), but was also intended for use on fishing charter boats. Earl was a bit of a character in a town full of characters. He died a couple of years ago of a heart attack, the tee shirt shop closed and the remaining bags were given to a small bush airline named Bald Mountain Air Service. They have exclusive use the bags on all their flights, primarily charter flights to near-by Katmai National Park for bear watching.  So technically it becomes the barf bag for Bald Mountain Air Service, eh?

The bag itself is wondrous to behold. So wondrous, in fact, that it's worth quoting in full:

OFFICIAL EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG. Homer Spit, Alaska. Earl's World Alaskan Shirts, P.O. Box 2833, Homer, Alaska 99603-2833, 1-907-235-2776
Keep Earl's World Barf Bag handy. It could be a lifesaver!

OFFICIAL EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG. For when you'd rather be somewhere else.

If you want to barf, you should:

1)  Cross eyes and start irregular breathing.
2)  Gulp air like a beached salmon.
3)  Fade to a greenish or pale white color.
4)  Make stomach noises like bubbling clam chowder.
5)  Question life in general.
6)  Promise the good Lord that if He gets you back on dry land, you'll be good forever.
7)  Suddenly feel good. This will last for 2-4 seconds, nature provides this brief respite so you can whip open your "EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG".
8)  Go fish-eyed, look down, suck in air, bulge your cheeks, open wide and...
9) her loose!!! #!!


A)  Remember -- you won't hurl if you stay busy.
B)  Stay outside in fresh air - it's better for you and the clean-up crew!
C)  Yes, kosher dills work-blah! It's time! Store them in your EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG as long as it has'nt been used.
D)  Last nights pizza looks bad the second time around, so keep EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG on hand!
E)  Grin and look happy when everyone else is having fun. Even in roller coaster seas and gagging diesel fumes. If asked, tell them even Earl of Earl's World likes a good barf. It's acceptable and often inevitable.
F)  Remember, chumming the water helps your fishing companions. Also, recycling is environmentally correct - even if it's wour meal!
G)  It's very important to close your EARL'S WORLD BARF BAG securely. DO NOT turn it upside down! This is extremely hazardous, even on an experimental basis. Trust me.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2002)


Bali Air

Delightful design from the Island of the Gods. Bigger than your regular Indonesian bags, too.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya. (2002)

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