Ansett (BC40)

I don't know that this one is Ansett, but it's so similar to the bag below, that I'm guessing it must be.

Please let me know if I'm wrong.

Thanks to Kevin Middleton. (2004)


Ansett (BK47)

Or maybe this should be National Photos Airlines? Do they run both Ansett and Qantas? According to Annabelle Mundy, Ansett had an excellent opportunity to advertise that they were the official puke carriers of the Olympics. The marketing opportunities were endless...

BK47 is the code number under the barcode on the bag (see Qantas for a set of similar codes)  

Thanks, Annabelle. (2000)


Ansett ($4.99)

Continuing the proud multifunctional tradition of Aussie bags: you can either cough up into this bag, or you can cough up $10.99 to process a roll of 36 exposures. Pricey, if you ask me - might be worth boarding a Qantas flight and picking up one of their cheaper offers.

How about the $4.99? That's for 12 exposures only. And who buys a roll of film with 12 exposures? In fact, in these days of digital cameras, who still buys film?

Thanks to Steve Silberberg (2006)


AnsettNewZealand (sea-legs)

Lots to say about this bag. There are no spaces between the Ansett and the New or between the New and the Zealand. There's a dot after the airline name, as well as after the words "Air Sickness". 

The real treat comes when you flip the bag over. "IF YOU NEED THIS BAG ...MAYBE YOU NEED SEA-LEGS" scream boldface capitals. Talk about targeted advertising.

The rest is worth quoting too: "Sea-Legs - New Zealands's most popular travel sickness remedy by far. Whether you're going by plane, train, ship or road, take Sea-Legs before you go and you probably won't need a bag like this. For any form of travel sickness take effective, long acting Sea-Legs tablets - safe for adults and children."

No instant gratification, though. You can't get any on the plane: Sea-Legs is "pharmacy-only medicine". 

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2001)



What a letdown after the Sea-Legs bag above. No adverts. No dots. No spaces either.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2001) 

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