ANA: see All Nippon Airways

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Anatolian Airlines

Generic sickness bag (Spuckbeutel, Sac vomitoire, Bulanti torbasi) used by Anatolian Airlines. The lower part of the bag has little pictures of a plane, ship and bus whizzing along. The bus appears to be going faster than the plane, bringing back fond memories of hair-raising bus journeys across Turkey.

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken, and to Steffen Mathias for telling me where this came from. (1999)


Andesmar Lineas Aereas SA

"Solo para uso de a bordo" (only for use on board), says this heavy-duty plastic number from Argentina. Fransua Dubua says that this bag came from a turboprop flying from Tucuman to Salta in 1996. Andesmar "disappeared" in 1997, presumably because of financial losses due to people stealing its barfbags.

Thanks, Fransua. (2001)


Angola Airlines: see TAAG.


Angkor Airways

Shocking pink text on this innovative bag - the only one I know that tells you to "folddotted line" before you tear off to open the bag. No ideas on what to do after you've done all that, though.

Thanks to Else Lai (2007)



What is the design on this bag supposed to be? Answers on a postcard, please...

Thanks to Yayoi Okada. (2003)

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