Alitalia (Xamamina)

Alitalia has switched sponsors: the firm Bracco now advertises Xamamina: "per ogni tipo di mal di viaggio" (for all types of travel sickness). Gosh, I didn't know that there was more than one type. Little icons of a ship, car, plane and train clarify things. The car appears to be pulling the ship. The train (an 0-6-0 steam locomotive, for those railway enthusiasts among you) is pulling the plane.

The number AZ 64706260 is the same as the bag above, but in a retro step, it's now rubber-stamped several times on the bag, instead of being neatly printed. 

Thanks to Fausto Labruto (2000)


Alitalia (Xamamina small)

The Italian carrier has shaved costs by trimming a centimetre off its bags. That's more than 3 metres in a 300-seat plane. The AZ 64706260 stamp is in a smaller font, too.

Thanks to Evelyn Mathias (2001)  


Alitalia (Xamamina, glossy)

In its effort to convince you of the benefits of its product, Alitalia has splurged out on some glossy paper for its Xamamina ad.

Thanks to Ulli Hann (2001)



Alitalia (logo)

The Italian carrier now features a logo - or is it a road sign? 

Signs of a fresh bag shipment on this plane: it featured no less than three types of bags: this one, plus Travelgum and a plain Xamamama. (2001)


Alitalia (logo, label)

The Xamamina ad is now printed on a label rather than on the bag itself.

Looks like Alitalia makes more money from advertising on its bags than it does from ticket sales.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2003) 


Alitalia (Bracco below)

Like alitalia11, but with the Bracco logo below the seam rather than immediately next to the Xamamina.

Bracco, by the way, specialize in "diagnostic imaging and pharmaceuticals". In other words, they make pills (like Xamamina) to stop you from getting sick, and various gooks to help find out what's wrong with you if their pills didn't work. The Xamamina branch of their website (in Italian) features a giraffe with a rubber neck.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri (2005)

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