Air Vallee

in Valle d'Aosta il cielo pi vicino.

At least that's what is says on the Air Vallee timetable that Fulvio Dossena kindly included in this othewise generic bag.

Thanks, Fulvio (2006)


Air Via Bulgarian Airways

Unusual approach: the name of the airline is on the front and back of this somewhat flimsy bag. The use ("For air sickness" in English, French and German) is hidden in the gussets. A bit sad there's nothing in Bulgarian.

Thanks to Oliver Conradi. (2002)


Air Via Bulgarian Airways (massive logotype)

If the logotype got any bigger, they'd have to split it onto a second bag.

Thanks to Homer Goetz. (2003)


Air Via Bulgarian Airways (purple)

It would be hard to miss this mis-designed monstrosity in your seat pocket. Where on earth did Air Via get all this purple ink?

Plus, this bag harks back to structural innovations in bag design from the 1950s, most recently seen in Burmese carriers. This Air Via item consists of a paper bag with a separate polythene insert. The top of the paper is folded over inside to keep the plastic bag inside from coming out. Perhaps Air Via have never heard of Gilmore T. Schjeldahl's modern bags?

Thanks to Thorsten Hecht (2007)

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