Air Tahiti Nui

Features a Tahitian gardenia (Gardenia taitensis), the seven-petalled white flower that many Polynesian women wear behind their ears.

Here's some guidance on how to wear the flower (from The Tahiti Traveler):

bulletWorn behind your right ear, it means you are single, available.
bulletWorn behind your left ear: you are married, engaged or otherwise taken.
bulletWorn behind both ears: you are married but still available.
bulletWorn backward behind your ear: you are available immediately.

So watch out for passengers wearing these bags backwards behind their ears.

Thanks to Roger Macrae (2007)


Air Tanzania

The handwriting on this bag says "Air Tanzania". But Wolfgang Franken told me it's Transport UK -- a short-lived Danish company. The string of letters around this bag's midriff say TUKTUKTU... Or maybe KTUKTUKTU...? Or TWKTWKTWK...? Or WKTWKTWKT...?

Thanks to Walter Brinker. (2003)


Air Tanzania (yellow)

A brave piece of design: pale yellow on white. Try making that out when the cabin lights are dimmed during a bumpy takeoff.

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Airtours International

"Waterproof sick bag. If used for air sickness please hand to cabin crew for disposal." If used for any other form of sickness, replace in the seat pocket as a surprise for the next occupant?

Thanks to Stuart Hickson. (2000) 


Airtours International (wide)

Wider than the bag above, for greater hurling confidence.

Thanks to Stephen James. (2001)


Airtours International (colour)

Much nicer design than this firm's previous attempts (above). This one features a snazzy blue-and-red logo with a turquoise crossbar in the A of Airtours.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2002)


Airtours International (logo at top)

Airtours is doing its best to vary its offerings, so providing bag addicts with collectibles.

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken. (2002)

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