Air Sahara

Not from Africa, but from India. "Emotionally yours", it says. That appears to be Hindi for "We're sorry you're feeling sick, but there's no way we can avoid the thunderstorm ahead, and you still have to look forward to landing on the sloping airstrip perched on a cliff halfway up a mountain".

Oh, and then there's the "Close by folding towards you & clamp shut with tape". Only there's no tape -- just wire tabs.

Don't get me wrong, though -- I was emotionally delighted to get this bag from Piet van der Poel.


Air Sahara (sick chickens)

Yes, the repetitive Air Sahara logos really do look a bit like a flock of puking poultry. There are at least 1600 of them on this bag.

Thanks to Alan Howlett (2005)


Air Sahara (tricolour, large type)

Air Sahara have dispensed with a name, and have replaced it with the same colours that adorn their tailfins.

The instructions on the top of this bag are in large type.

Thanks to Christiane Herweg. (2006)


Air Sahara (tricolour, small type)

The instructions on the top of this bag are in larger type. And cunningly hidden in the folds at the bottom of the gusset is a "BD and Sons" in orange.

Thanks to Christiane Herweg. (2006)


Air Sahara (no BD & Sons)

There's a small "BD & Sons" logo in the gusset of the bag above. Not so in this one. What happened? A tragic divorce between bagmaker and client?

Thanks to Helga Stamm-Berg (2007)

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