Air Pacific

I can normally recognize the languages given on bags. But this one from "Fiji's International Airline" had me stumped. There's English ("When experiencing nausea..."). I thought that "Moshan siknas beg yani ulti anne ke samaye kaam mei lane wala thaila..." was Pidgin, but longtime Fiji resident Peter Walton corrected me: it's Fiji Hindi. And he says that "Na kato vakarautaki ni sa yacovi iko na lomalomaca..." is Fijian, the archipelago's indigenous language.

Thanks to Peter for the language lesson, and Oliver Conradi for the bag. (2003)


Air Pacific (plain white)

Nothing in any language on this bag.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2004) 


Air Paradise

If ever there was a bag calling for a better design, or even any design, it must be this. The Indonesian startup carrier doesn't seem to have got round to thinking of details like what should go on its bags. Maybe they are concentrating more on how to get to paradise?

Thanks to Janusz Tichoniuk. (2006)

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