Air Malawi

"Africa's friendly airline", says this bag. I must admit I haven't flown with many of the continent's other carriers, but the cabin crew hadn't struck me as being that unfriendly. (The ground staff, now, are another matter...)

Thanks to Niek Vermeulen (2005)


Air Malawi (red)

Looks as if the Air Malawi management have given up trying to market the carrier as "friendly".

The logo has also grown a long beak - it's changed from being a swallow to something more like a hummingbird. Be careful if you try to take this bag through airport security: the beak is so long it might qualify as a sharp object.

Thanks to Eric van Amerom. (2006)


Air Maldives

Frankly, a disappointment. This bag could show the wonders of the tropical island paradise that is the Maldives: palms swaying in the wind, fish darting through coral forests, pina colada on the beach.

But no: it's a flimsy plastic number with showing a sinking dhow at the bottom, a seat occupied sign in the worst tradition of Continental (where does Air Maldives make stopovers where passengers could lose their seat, anyway?), and graphics showing how to seal the bag by turning the top over and peeling off the sticky tape.

Thanks to Gerhard Lang and Thorsten Hecht. (2005)

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