Air India (green and blue flowers)

If only all bags were this pretty...

This one has a bagmaker and phone number in the gusset: CREATION 022-5672626. 

Thanks to Barry Day. (2002)


Air India (Creation 9122 turquoise)

Same as the bag above, but with a different phone number in the gusset: CREATION 9122-5672626.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2003)


Air India (Creation 9122 blue)

A slightly bluer version of the bag above.

Thanks to Mark Brace. (2003)


Air India (misaligned printing)

Same as the Creation 9122 blue bag, but with slightly darker blue ink, and with the blue printing misaligned by about 2mm: some of the blue leaf veins are drifting away from their leaves. Stare long enough at it, and they appear in 3D.

Keen students of Air India bags will also notice that the bases and wire tabs are all slightly different. Creation's workshops must have a stack of paper snippets waiting to be used for this purpose. The base and tabs on this one don't match the bag itself: they have the old turquoise rather than blue.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel (2005)


Air India (9122-25672626)

Check your Air Indias: the phone numbers in the gusset keep changing!

Thanks to Ilse Koehler-Rollefson (2007)

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