Air Florida

No fewer than 8 airfloridas and 80 logos on this colourful bag.

Thanks to Bruce Kelly. (2001)


Air Force One

The Holy Grail of baggery: sadly generic, totally unlike the version depicted in the film  Independence Day. It does come in a little yellow envelope, though, which advises high-ranking users: 

"Motion sickness bag (For use during moments of stomach upset): If an upset stomach is anticipated, remove bag from this container and keep ready for use. Do not be embarrassed by this precaution as even veteran travelers are subject to occasional motion sickness."

Click here for a picture of Niek Vermeulen stealing this bag, and here for what Air Force One bags look like according to Hollywood. (Question: does the Prez have to fold his table up during takeoff and landing, like us mere mortals back in cattle class?).

Thanks, Niek. (2002)

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