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Took me a while to realize what the little graphic beside the "waterproof disposal bag" was. Turn it over, and you see it's a sign banning the pouring of liquids into the bag. The manufacturers are evidently unsure of the "waterproof" bit of their claim.

"This may also be used for airsickness", it says on the reverse. Why "also"? What are the mysterious other uses? The poor passenger is left to guess.

Thanks to Toshiaki Anan (2007)

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Air Dolomiti

Pretty baby-blue bag from this "partner of Lufthansa". The tiny Lufthansa logo and text are in Lufthansa grey.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel. (1999)


Air Dolomiti (Malton Inflight website)

The first bag to feature the bagmaker's website in the gusset. Malton Inflight claims to be a major supplier of airsickness bags, but unlike its rivals, its logo is conspicuously absent on other bags.

Thanks to Steve James. (2001) 


Air Dolomiti (logo on base)

The logo and the "partner of Lufthansa" have migrated to the base. Malton Inflight's website is still hiding in the gusset.

Thanks to Thomas Soltwedel (2004)


Air Dolomiti (turquoise square)

No longer in baby blue - Air Dolomiti has splashed out on an ever-so-little snazzier design. The Lufthansa connection has migrated to the front of the bag, too.

Thanks to Fred Courtay (2007)



Air Dolomiti (plain white)

Oh dear, what happened? Air Dolomiti used to have such nice bags. Now they've gone and ruined their reputation.

Thanks to Christiane Herweg (2007)

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