Air China (logo bottom right)

A completely new character for the Chinese carrier. There's a string of AIR CHINA AIR CHINA... going round the top of the bag, and what looks like a peel-off sticky tab to seal the bag after use. Unfortunately the instructions are in Chinese only, and I don't want to reduce the value of my bag by actually trying to peel it off.

Thanks to Ilse Köhler-Rollefson (2004)


Air China (peel-off label on reverse)

In a cunning policy shift, Air China have decided to put the peel-off sticky strip on the back of the bag rather than have it deface the front.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya (2005)


Air China (pinkish)

A slightly pinker shade of paper on this bag.

Thanks to Gerd Clemens (2005)


Air China (new character)

If you're a serious collector (yes, they do exist), it's always worthwhile checking the gussets (the side-folds) on your bags.

This exemplar from Air China looks, feels, smells and tastes the same as the airchina15 model above. But a quick shufty in the gusset shows that the two Chinese characters there have changed. Don't ask me what the significance of this is - I'll try to find out.

Thanks to Ilse Köhler-Rollefson. (2006)


Air China (wider spacing)

More space between the Chinese characters for "Airsickness bag", and nothing in the gusset. All printed on the charming pinkish paper they used to use.

Nothing in the gusset (except the Air China Air China AirChina text that wraps around the top).

Thanks to Katja Schmidtpott. (2006)

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