Air China (orange tab)

The orange tear-off strip offsets an otherwise monotone blue design. The "Waterproof disposal bag" text (in English and Chinese) at the top is printed upside-down: make sure you read it before you use the bag. There's a mysterious horizontal dashed line halfway up in the side pleats (not visible on this scan): the bag's maximum capacity? Please stop barfing when you reach this line? Air China's logo appears to be a chicken.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein. (1999)


Air China (red tab)

Air China can now afford better-quality paper, and the mysterious dashed lines in the side pleats have disappeared, to be replaced by something in Chinese and a phone number: for passengers who want to know what happened to the dashed lines?

Thanks to Sam Green. (2000)


Air China (broad red tab)

Same design as the bag above, but the tear-off strip is linger and the WATERPROOF DISPOSAL BAG is in taller letters. Dashed lines on the back instructing you to Fold, too. 

Thanks to Fabian Wisplinghoff. (2001)



Air China (sans serif)

Air China is ringing the changes: this bag has a different tear-off strip again, Fold on the back, and the WATERPROOF DISPOSAL BAG is in a sans-serif font.

Thanks to Hans Timmer. (2001) 

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