Air Canada (DRG, address)

It's going to be tough to think of something to say about all of these white Air Canada bags I've got from Ken Pugh. This one is the tallest. Made by DRG Packaging of Toronto.

Thanks, Ken. (2001)


Air Canada (DRG, no address)

This is the widest. Also by DRG, but no bagmaker's address on this one. Yawn.

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001)


Air Canada (DRG)

Heavily used bag made by DRG (it says so on the base). Similar to the bag above, but optically different, and not only because of the food stains.

Thanks to Steve James. (2001)


Air Canada (DRG Packaging)

This time it's by DRG Packaging. (What are you supposed to pack in this bag?) 

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001)


Air Canada (made in U.S.A.)

Horrors! Made south of the 49th parallel! At least the bagmaker was decent enough to hide the fact in the gusset.

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001)


Air Canada (no logo)

From one of Air Canada's domestic routes. WINPAK BAG MADE IN CANADA is on the base. This is one of those bags you shouldn't store food in: the thick yellowish waterproofing coating inside smells of some nasty chemical designed to neutralize your vomit.

OK, you can wake up now: the next page has some slightly more fascinating designs from Air China.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya. (2000)


Air Cara´bes

Hardly worth waiting for if you've ploughed through the piles of Air Canadas above. But at least the logo is pretty.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)


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