Air Canada (Gunter)

The next three pages contain nothing but Air Canada bags. Not the world's greatest corporate design -- in fact, it's mighty hard to think of nice things to say about most of them.

Here's an understated bag with the code number "PS 2051" and "GUNTER ∑ ACS" on the base. 

Thanks to David Harris. (1999) 


Air Canada (Gunter, crinkle cut)

Same as above, but the top is crinkle-cut.

Although it was supplied by Kard-o-Pak, it clearly has a Gunter logo on the base. (2001) 


Air Canada (FA)

Same design as the bag above, but after De Ster took over ACS . It's still PS 2051, but the Gunter logo has been superseded by the De Ster star and an "FA" logo hidden in the pleats on the base.

Thanks to Winny Sanjaya. (2000)  


Air Canada (star)

Extraordinarily similar to the bag above, except that there's no FA. And this one came from an Air Ontario plane.

Thanks to Ken Pugh. (2001)


Air Canada (star, reinforced base)

Air Canada's cleaning crews must have complained about bag leakage. This item now has a reinforced base. 

Thanks to Doug Stoltz. (2002)


Air Canada (star below)

The DeSter star on the base has swapped positions with the "PS 2051" code number. 

Thanks to David Harris. (2002)


Air Canada (bigger PS 2051)

Isn't it about time that Air Canada's bags got a different reorder number (for that is what I assume the PS 2051 is)?

Other airlines switch bagmaker or make subtle changes in the design every now and then. Air Canada just makes the eternal PS 2051 bigger (as here).

Sorry, I can't remember who to credit for this thrilling item. (2007)

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