Air Atlanta

The only logo I know of that doubles as a biohazardous waste warning: Air Atlanta's A has evil-looking horns and claws. As if that wasn't enough to put you off, read the small type near the base: this bag may contain bio-hazardous waste after use".

Thanks to David Bradford. (2005)


Air Atlantis

The little drawings on this bag show you how to reseal it after use, then twist it and lay it flat on the floor.

The picture on the left is upside-down only to conform to this site's strict policy: the opening is on the left-hand side. 

Thanks to Steve James. (2001)


Air Austral

La compagnie française du capricorne, it says in little type underneath the logo. With a little imagination and a squint, it's possible to see a goat in the logo.

Thanks to Steve James. (2001)

Air Austral (l'Océan indien)

Now it's "La compagnie française de l'Océan indien". I suppose that too many of their passengers didn't know where the Tropic of Capricorn is.

The nasty stain in the base of this bag is something rotting inside it. I hope it isn't infectious...

Thanks to Gilles Beger (2005)


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