Eres Nuestra Razon de Volar... it says: "You are our reason to fly".

Well, it would be poquito estupido to fly if there weren't any passengers, wouldn't it?

This is one of those plastic bags with a transparent strip welded to each edge. Never quite worked out how to use this closure mechanism, and this bag is so precious that I'm not going to risk anything with it.

Thansk to Josef Gebele (2007)



A bag that doubles as a telephone book: it lists no less than 20 phone numbers where you can book flights on this Peruvian carrier.

There's a mystifying clear plastic strip fastened to each side of the bag, but loose in the middle. And a double-headed arrow two-thirds of the way up the bag points to the sides with the words "HERE AQUI" at each end. A coded message to wind the top of the bag around the clear strip? I've tried to work out how to use it. My wife thinks it's a carrying handle. ˇAyuda de un(a) conociendo(a), por favor!

Thanks to Wolfgang Franken. (2001) 


AeroContinente (Lucero)

Still with a long list of phone numbers in case you need to order more bags. But now provided by Lucero Import SAC.

Thanks to Aidan Stradling (2007)


AeroContinente (Lucero Import on right)

Unlike some airlines that change their phone numbers as often as the empty the toilets on board (anyone listening at China Eastern?), AeroContinente has kept the same list of 20 phone numbers on its bag ever since I started collecting this fine carriers waste disposal products.

The only thing that changes is the location of the bag manufacturer's name. Oh, and the typeface of the "Uniendo el Continente". And the "Para su atencion inmediata". And the width of the vertical line separating the columns of phone numbers.

But after all tehse years, can the "Central telefonica computerizada" still be realistically described as "nueva"?

Thanks to Josef Gebele (2007)


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