Aer Arann

This bag came with a glossy airline magazine from this Irish carrier. How passengers have time to read all 74 pages beats me: the flight from Galway to the Arann Islands takes all of 8 minutes.

The bag itself is plain white. Aer Arann clearly think that the magazine will have exhausted passengers' need for in-flight entertainment.

Thanks to Silke Brehm and Sven Schade (2007)



Nice design -- the sort we've come to expect from the French. The Aeris tailfin logo looks like the eye of a hurricane. The cause of your queasiness? It wraps round into the gusset, too.

Thanks to Jürgen Klein. (2002)



Aéris (grand amour)

La compagnie qui vous aime (the firm that loves you), says the top of this bag. If that isn't enough to make you warm and fuzzy inside, at the bottom it says Découvrez à quel point Aéris vous aime sur (discover at what point Aéris loves you on

Click on this site, and you find out that this French charter carrier liked its bag-users so much that it went bankrupt in November 2003. A shame: the bags have a pleasing design.

This is a standard ELAG bag with a base, and printed on both sides.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2003) 


Aéris (petit amour)

Same idea as the bag above, but the Aéris is smaller. This is a pointy-bottomed bag of unknown manufacturer, printed on one side only.

Thanks to Frank Mulliri. (2003)

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