Aegean Airlines

What a bag! First, there's a join-up-the-dots puzzle, with the explanation "Santorini, Akroteri, Room D2. Detail from the Lilles Fresco, 1.500 BC". (If you actually try to join up the dots, you get something that looks like vomit splatter.)

At the bottom, there's the instruction "In the event of sickness please call cabin crew for assistance". Don't forget to ask them to help complete the puzzle before you use the bag.

Oh, and then there's the news "This bag may contain bio-hazardous waste after use". Presumably, "use" here means "used for throwing up" and not "used as a puzzle to distract small children from the meal we will serve you".

Thanks to Jürgen Klein. (2000)


Aegean Airlines (sunrise logo)

New logo on this fine bag.

Thanks to Walter Brinker (2005)

Aegean Airlines (Duni)

Elegant design, but I kinda liked the dot-to-dot puzzle on Aegean's previous editions. Maybe the cabin crew got tired of joining dots during their breaks?

I wonder if Aegean's management have noticed the faint Duni logo on the top left of this bag.

The birds seems to have migrated here from their previous roost on Volare's bag.

Thanks to Michel Silvera. (2006)

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