Ever wondered who makes all these wonderful cultural artefacts? Here's a partial list. For a more complete list (but no addresses), see the highly entertaining Please send any updates to me at

AB John H Ericsson

Makers of the generic Om? bag.

163 08 Spånga, Norway

Adolf Rick Nachfolger

Makes sanitary bags used in Cologne Airport -- and presumably other prestigious locations too. Adolf Rick Nachfolger GmbH
Mainzer Strasse 240, 53179 Bonn (Bad Godesberg)
Tel +49 228-34 10 34,

Air Supply Aviation Products

Makers of Berjaya Air bags.
Air Supply Aviation Products  Pte Ltd
55 Cantonment Road, Singapore

Tel: 65 6223 6441 Fax: 6223 6101

or possibly

59, Club St #02-00, Singapore 069434
Tel. 65 62255968, fax 65 62256601

Allied Aviation Supplies Co.

Manufacturer of Sic-Sac bags.

Box 7513 Farley Station, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73147, USA

or maybe

PO Box 377, Piedmont, OK 73078, USA

American Hotel Register Co.

Claims to be the "world's largest selection of hospitality products and services". They have lots of stuff on their website, but I must admit I can't find the sanibags.

Arabella Enterprises

Maker of Queezy Sacks, "Now Available for Land, Sea and Air... Keep Queezy Sack handy in your glove compartment, handbag, briefcase or backpack." 

Arabella is in dispute over the Queezy Sack brand with Winpak. Click here for more.
New York, NY, USA

AVID Airline products

Supplies and refurbishes headsets for inflight entertainment, and also supplies a range of other needful items - including a colourful range of eyeshades so you can avoid watching the movie on your neighbour's monitor, socks so you can keep your toes warm, and wipes so you can clean your baby's bottom in mid-air.

Oh yes, they supply barfbags too.

AVID Airline Products, Aquidneck Corporate Park, 72 Johnnycake Hill Road, Middletown, RI 02842, USA. Tel +1-401-846 1300, fax +1-401-849 1060

Bagcraft Papercon

Make plain white bags, plus perhaps others.

3900 West 43rd Street, Chicago, Illinois 60632, USA
Phone: 800-621-8468, 773-254-8000; fax: 773-254-8204,

Buethe Enterprises

Maker of light aircraft kits; also markets the Quyat Erp Barfing Bag.
W.B. Buethe Enterprises, Box 486, Cathedral City, CA 92234, USA

Cannon Hygiene

"Your essential services partner" says that "the disposal of feminine hygiene waste at first glance might seem to be an unimportant issue. But that's a misconception..."

Provides loo bins and the bags to put in them.

Cannon Hygiene Ltd, Northgate, White Lund, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA3 3BJ, UK.
Phone: 0800 328 3695, fax: 0870 444 3938


A Hong Kong-based company specializing in disposable products. Their two barfbag offerings are at the medical end of the spectrum: a plastic bag with a sturdy circular rim and self-sealing mechanism, and a paper version with a handy funnel to avoid splatter.

If barfbags don't solve your problem, you may be in need of a lab coat, disposable underwear, or even a body bag. Also available from Chinahawk.
ChinaHawk Enterprises Ltd. Suite 11R, Building 7, Dragon Garden, 68 Xinzhong Ave., Dongcheng District, Beijing 10027 China

Tel: 86-10-6552-6175/80 ext. 17, fax: 86-10-6552-7892,

Chuckie Bags

Makes 10-packs of handy bags for parents whose children puke in the car. Order online from their website - and check a pageful of useful information on how to avoid having to use their product to (but take some Chuckies along just in case...)

PO Box 109, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7YU, UK
Tel (UK Freephone) 0800 319 6 319, fax +44-1483 276260,,

CI Sanitary Services

Makers of Silhouette sanibags.

CI Sanitary Services Ltd
221 Dews Lane, Ward End, Birmingham B8 2SJ, UK
Tel. 0121 327 3831


Turkish trader of airline catering items; has sold bags made by Papirus.

CNT Industries Group Inc.
29 Ekim Cad. No: 4
34530 Yenibosna
Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90 212 503 2324 pbx, fax: +90 212 503 2495, email,,


Creation.jpg (8262 bytes)

Manufactures bags for Million Air, Air India and Jet Airways.

307, K. K. Gupta Industrial Estate, DR. R. P. Road, Mulund ( West ), Mumbai- 400080, India

Tel +91-22-5611885, 5672626, fax +91-22-5643434, e-mail,


The Cutting Edge in Food Service Systems. Owners of the star logo found on huge numbers of bags throughout Europe. Another slogan is "Food for thought and taste for things to come" -- apt for airsickness bags, don't you think? 

DeSter has merged with ACS and Günter, two other major bagmakers.

Latest: In a massive bagmaking merger, Swedish firm Duni ("We enhance any eating or drinking occasion") has taken over baglomerate DeSter.ACS.

"Duni’s Travel Division was created at the beginning of 2000 through the integration of the three best known names in its market: De Ster, Günter ACS and Duni Inflight", says the glitzy Duni website.

"Backed by 40 years’ experience, DeSter.ACS serves more than 350 airline companies worldwide, as well as other Travel organisations and suppliers like railway companies, ferries, food processors and caterers."

I searched the Duni site for the words "airsickness", "barfbag", "motion discomfort" and "puke". In vain. Looks like bags are not a leading product for the airline catering market. 

Looks like Duni is keeping the De Ster brandname and logo so beloved by bag patrons worldwide.
De Ster B.V., Leeuwenveldseweg 16, NL-1382 LX Weesp, The Netherlands
Tel +31-294-460 600, Fax +31-294-460 666
Click on "Contacts" on their site to send them an email. 
DUNI AB Group Management, Box 95, SE-101 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel +46 8 402 13 00, Fax +46 8 20 66 09

DIVA International srl

"Oltri al formato standard, Diva International e in grado di fornire sacchetti per il mal d'aria in svariate lunghezze in base alle richieste del clienti".

This means something like: "Altering the standard format, Diva International is in the grade of furnishing sacks for air sickness in various lengths, based on how rich the client is." 
Diva International srl, Viale dell'Industria 7, 06038 Spello (PG), Italy
Tel. +39-0742 3091, Fax +39-0742 30944, 


Producer of the Doggy's Toi Bags.
Proud projektbegleitung, Postfach 73 07 03, 22127 Hamburg, Germany

DRG Packaging

Canadian firm, now merged with Winpak.

85 Laird Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4G 3T8, Canada


Australian company that supplies bags for dog litter and car litter. Use one of the latter if your car poops in the street.  
Ecocern Pty. Ltd., P.O. Box 59, Watsons Bay 2030, Australia
Tel./fax +61 2 93372737,


The whole world needs bags. We make them. "Bags are booming" says this site. "How your product is packed is very important to you - and to us... And because the significance of packaging in today's market is greater than ever before, we'd like to be your partner in providing the best packaging solutions with our innovative ideas." 

I think that airsickness bags must fall into their "stand-up pouches" category: "possible applications: as refill packaging... for liquids, granules, powders and pastes ... for aggressive contents".

ELAG's bags are generally flat-based so they can stand up on the floor and avoid spillage. Make sure you hand them to a member of the cabin crew before the plane goes into a dive, though.
ELAG Verpackungen AG, Industrie Neuhof, CH-3422 Kirchberg, Switzerland
Tel. +41 34-448 4444, Fax +41-34 448 4480,  
(more addresses under the Contacts link on the ELAG site)

Extra Packaging Corp

If the airsickness bags don't solve your problem, you can always order body bags and cremation urns from this New York firm.

24 Seneca Avenue, Rochester, New York 14621, USA
Tel: 585 544 1200, Fax: 585 544 2586, Toll Free: 888 353 9732,,


Sells packs of 4 plain white bags.
Flightstore, 1-3 Town Hall Street, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 8DH, UK

Tel. 01924 509273, fax 01924 493597, email

Garcia de Pou

Makers of generic barfbags. Check out their catalogue here. Minimum order of 800 bags. 
Ctra. de Roses, Km. 32,9, E-17485 Vila-Sacra (Girona), Spain
Tel. +34 972-50 72 50, Fax +34 972-50 97 59


"Mit staerkeren Tueten haben Sie immer alles im Griff" (with strong bags you have everything under control).

This German firm specializes in packaging for food before it has entered the human digestive tract. That its products are also suited to post-ingestion scenarios is demonstrated by the barfbag  it produces for Spanish airline
Gerdes Verpackungen GmbH
Industriegebiet - Niedere Klinge 12, D-74376 Gemmrigheim, Germany
Tel. +49-7143-89490, fax +49-7143-894920

Glass & Glass

Egyptian bagmaker responsible for Lotus Air's bags.

Glass & Glass
Cairo, Egypt
Tel./fax 2902898, mobile 012-3404612

Groupe Mehsas

Produces long, thin bags for Algerian carrier Khalifa Airways, as well as bags for food and cement. After a series of takeovers, this firm is now known as the Algerian
Bag Company.

ZI BB Arreridj
Tel 035 68 17 78
Fax 035 68 44 53

Günter ACS

Inflight products and hotel service products consultancy design. Has now merged with DeSter.

Postfach 45 01 40, D-28295 Bremen, Germany
Tel. +49 421-48660, Fax +49 421-4866 299



"...established to specialise in supplies to the airline industry... We can now offer a range of block bottomed airsickness bags to suit your needs. The standard material is a white kraft paper (60 g.s.m.) laminated to polythene inner coating (23 g.s.m.)... Bags can be printed in up to 6 colours."

Contact them also if you need some Veggi-wash ("possibly... the biggest breakthrough ever in vegetable and fruit cleansing"). Works for fruit, too!
PO Box 119, Reading RG7 5NQ, England
Tel. +44 118-971 3223 or 0700 HORSLEYS, Fax +44 118-971 3225 or 0700 4 HORSLEYS,



A book publisher that sells barfbags? Yes, Huss sells individual bags for €0.32 each, going down to €0.23 each for lots of 2000., or click here to go straight to the bagpage.
hussverlag, Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 5, 80912 Muenchen, Germany

IGP Warenverkauf

Suppliers of the pretty-but-generic "Für alle Fälle" busbags.

IGP means Interessengemeinschaft des Personenverkehrgewerbes in Baden-Württemberg eG. That's something like "Association of Public Transport Operators in Baden-Württemberg" (a state in southern Germany). Warenverkauf means "Product sales" 
Dornierstrasse 3, 71034 Böblingen, Germany 


Maltese firm that makes H.D. bags.
274/6, Main Street,
Mosta, MST 08,

International Trading Italia 83 Srl

"Our company has always supplied meal service disposables  for inflight and onboard use by Airlines, Ferry and Cruise companies and Inflight Catering companies. Our team is constantly endeavouring to guarantee quality, service and above all, innovation."
Via S. Donato Trav XI n° 49, 55049 Fagnano (LUCCA) Italy
Tel. +39 0583 511988, fax +39 0583 513287,


Makes TACA's plain white bags.

Jinan Meichen Packing Co. Ltd.

"Located in Jinan City in Shandong Province. Our company covers an area of 20,000 square meters. We are engaged in the production of various disposable paper products, such as air sickness bags, packaging bags for food, paper toilet seat covers..."

The only company I know that puts air sickness bags at the top of their product line. An impressive list of bag types to choose from: square bottom, sharp bottom, with or without short clips, transverse clips and double-stick tape.
Mobile: +86-13953173018
Tel: +86-531-83693499
Fax: +86-531-83693466 (in Chinese) (in English)

Jürgen Reichel GmbH

Fachgrosshandel für Hygiene und Sauberkeit
Am Zauberberg 7, 38667 Bad Harzburg, Germany
Tel. +49-5322 90880, fax +49-5322 908899,

Makers of green GVS sanibags.


One of the few bagmaker sites with a sample of their pukepak product line actually illustrated: see or
Deutsche KARD-O-PAK GmbH, Memelstraße 14, D-56566 Neuwied-Block, Germany
Tel. +49 2631-98770, Fax +49 2631-987 777,

Kilian Verpackung

Unser Ziel ist, Ihr Produkt bestmöglich zu präsentieren. ("Our goal is to present your product in the best possible way.") Website is in German. 

This firm specializes in pointy-bottom bags. They kindly sent me two samples of a range of their bags -- one to keep, and one to swap.
Carl Fried. Müller AG, Wollhausstraße 42, D-74072 Heilbronn, Germany
Tel. +49 7131 8850, Fax +49 7131-179 816,

Malton Inflight

World's leading inflight product provider. "Everyday millions of passengers are being served with the products we supply.... We offer an unbeatable range of airline Catering Disposables in plastic and paper. Items such as Airlaid Paper Napkins, Serviettes, Cutlery Packs, Salt & Pepper Pots, Cocktail Stirrers, Towelettes, Lunch boxes, Nibbles packs, Sick Bags, etc. can all be provided to you customised with your colours and logo." 
PO Box 145, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 4ZP, UK

Morquin Muguet & Cie

Sorry, I can't find their website. They make UTA's bags.

60/64 rue du Rendez-Vous, 7512 Paris, France
Tel. (1) 4347 1073


The base of EgyptAir's bags says "Moussa for supply, tel. 2906737, Made in Egypt". So I guess Moussa is the rais who supplies EgyptAir's kiis dowaars


"Our airsickness bags factory has been established with strict quality control", says this firm's website. 

"Crucial to every flight. With our expertise in airsickness bags, we continually re-design our airsickness bags in order to provide airlines with a stylish, but fully functional airsickness bags. All bags have strong construction guaranteed non-leaking bottom."

Nivagold supplies bags to Emirates, Thai, Eva, Bangkok Airways and Thai Pacific (there are even pictures on their website). But the Emirates bags has the wrong web address on the base ( The correct address is:

Niva Gold (Thailand) Co., Ltd., 19/301, Soi 60 Vibhavadee Rangsit Road, Talad Bangkhaen,Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Thailand.
Tel. +662 940-9081/2, fax +662 940-9080, email,

Papirus Packaging & Trading Co

Your bag and paper expert since 1968. Makes a wide range of bags, including some Alitalia, British Airways and Lufthansa offerings, and (more predictably) Istanbul Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

"We have been producing this special 100% water proof bag for airlines, maritime lines and others for many years. Our world wide known references will confirm our expertise about this special bag."

Papirus's diverse product range also features MacDonalds bags and vacuum-cleaner bags.

Kısıklı Tramvay Caddesi No. 110, 81190 Altunizade-Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
Tel. +90-216-325 7273, 325 7919, 325 7930, Fax 325 0655,, or maybe 


Makers of Hellas Jet bags

Perlek C.O. GR
tel. +30-2102402939, email


South African makers of the Sick Jon disposable vomit bag., though I think this must be an old contact address.


Makers of TACA's bags.

Tel 4761137, Guatemala


"QEEZEE from DRP Medical Services Limited is the NEW convenience product that allows you to travel with total piece of mind when accompanied by passengers who are prone to motion sickness.

QEEZEE is more than just an empty bag. Its convenient packaging fits easily in to a pocket, purse, handbag, or neatly in a glove compartment; so it's available when you need it whether travelling by car, coach, boat or plane. After use, its revolutionary chemical coagulator turns the content of the QEEZEE into a gel, which prevents leakage and minimizes odour or spillage.

The contents are then sealed with its convenient sealing strip for easy disposal. The packaging even contains an antibacterial lemon freshening wipe."

DRP Medical Services
62 The Meadows, Burnopefield, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-870 760 6942, email:,

QPS Environmental

Distributors of the innovative paper poop-scoop.
Unit 1 Fisher Green, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 1NL, UK
Tel: +44-1765-609618, Fax: +44-1765-609619,

Rainbow Corporation

Makers of PIA bags

Tel. +92-21-6683467, 6622100.

Rajesh Printers

Makers of a range of Nepali bags featuring an elegant sari-clad woman spewing chapatti pieces into a bag. Based in Gothatar, Kathmandu

Tel. 6634097

Tel. 6634097


Advanced flexible packaging. This is a Finnish firm that used to make Estonian Air's bags. "Rosenlew supplies all kinds of custom-made flexible intermediate bulk containers for packing different materials under different conditions." Photos on this website feature bulldozers lifting jumbo barfbags. 

In response to an enquiry in July 2001, I was told that "Rosenlew does not manufacture any longer Air sickness bags. The business was sold in November 2000 to the Swedish Company called Stenqvist."
The British sales rep is Robin Reid, Rosenlew miniBULK Ltd, 6 Grange Way, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Colchester, Essex CO2 8HF, UK
Tel. +44-1-206-799 238, Fax +44-1-206- 794 748,

Sac a vomi

French bagmaker that delivers two paper bags inside a third plastic ziplock bag, plus a handy sticker to indicate the bag contents. Choose between a pregnant woman, cocktail, car, file and illness. Ah the things it's possible to do with barfbags!

MIOSSEC, 18 Boulevard du Temple, 75011 Paris, France


Does not manufacture its own bags, but trades in airline catering items and represents Kard-o-Pak in Turkey. Supplies Onur Air bags.

SEM Metal & Plastik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.
Doğu Sanayi Sitesi 2.Blok No: 23
Yenibosna 34197
Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: + 90 212 552 07 37 (pbx)
Fax:+ 90 212 552 13 28

Semoulin Packaging

Belgian bagmaker whose only known barfbag is a generic seasickness bag.

Rue de Couvent 14-81, B-7350 Thulin, Belgium

Tel (32) 6-613-2497, fax (32) 6-436-2534

Sharkat spahan shahr 
ﺷﺮﻛﺖ ﺳﺒﺎﻫﺎﻥ ﺷﻬﺮ


Bagmaker to Iran Aseman Airlines

ﺷﺮﻛﺖ ﺳﺒﺎﻫﺎﻥ ﺷﻬﺮ 
ﺍﺻﻓﻬﺎﻥﺹ.ﺏ.١۵۵- ٨١٣٩۵ 

That probably comes out wrong if your browser (or more likely, my HTML encoding) has got the right-to-left script direction wrong.

Anyway, it's something like:

Sharkat spahan shahr
Isfahan S N 81395-155
telefon: 031-342411-12


"Sick Saver bags come in packs of 5, 25, 50 and 100. Additional charges may apply when shipping outside  the USA.  Larger quantities available.  We appreciate your business!"

Tel.  +1-806-584-1726,,


Bulgaria's biggest bagmakers, branders of Bulgaria Air's bags.

SilviStar Co. Aviation Service, 2 Buzemska str., Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel./fax: +359 2 266102, mobile: +359 98 203404


Makers of the Laker bags.

Tel. Portsmouth (UK) 818444, Telex 86646


"' Mom, I have to throw up!'
Have you ever heard these words from the back seat of your car?

If so, the Smart Mom is the perfect solution for you and your family.  Smart Mom Saks are leak proof bags perfect for all the unexpected moments in your day.  The waxed lined sealable bag can be used for leaking juice boxes, car sick children, dirty diapers, wet toys and clothes, leftover foods and many more messes. They are even great for pregnant moms who suffer from morning sickness. 

Keep a few Smart Mom Saks in the car, your diaper bag, purse or briefcase. Pull them out next time you have your hands full with an unexpected mess. Smart Mom Saks are easy to use. Just fill, seal and dispose."

Smart Mom Solutions, 2335 E. Atlantic Blvd, Suite 300, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062, USA.
Tel. +1-954-943 2322 x 2, fax +1-954-943 2441, +1-866-801-2569 toll free, email,


Makers of TunisAir's red bags. I think these fall into STEM's category of Sacs de Petite et Moyenne Contenance. This firm will also be happy to print your cement bags for you. 
Société Tunisienne des Emballages Modernes, 1, Rue du papier B.P. 62, 2014 Tunis CEDEX, Tunisia
Tel. +216-1-433577, Fax +216-1-434376,


Swedish firm that took over Rosenlew (see above). Mostly boring bags. 
Stenqvist Suomi Oy, PL 252, 28101 Pori, Finland
Tel +358-2-517 8666, Fax +358-2-517 8699

WK Thomas

An online catalogue enables you to buy barfbags instead of having to steal them. This 70-year-old firm sells the following types of bags, in batches of 500 or 1000: 


Greaseproof Lined 6 x 8 x 10"


Polythene Coated 5 x 8 x 10"


Polythene Coated 5 x 8 x 10" With Paper / Wire Closure Clip


Plain SOS Sickness Bag With Clip

To check out WKT's barfbag product line, click on their pictorial index, or go to their catalogue and click on "Bags inc sacks, bin liners" (no, not "Food presentation accessories").
Mount Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 1HY, UK
Tel. +44-20 8391 2211, Fax +44-20 8974 1924,

T.O.P. Hotelcosmetics

Makers of blue generic bags featuring different places to be sick: ships, planes, buses and pharmacies. According to their website, the minimum order for barfbags is 50000. 
Lindenstrasse 16, D-28857 Syke, Germany
Tel. +49-4242-937 380, Fax +49-4242-937 384,


According to Ralf Klein, Vakopack manufactures draw-string bags as air sickness bags.
VAKOPACK GmbH, Lederstraße 15, D- 73650 Winterbach, Germany
Tel. +49-7181 99 40 37, Fax +49-7181 99 43 062,

Vereinigte Papierwarenfabriken GmbH

Maker of the 1973 vintage Lufthansa bag.

Cretzschmarstrasse 14, 6 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Verlag Heinrich Vogel

Maker of the pretty Für alle Fälle balloonbag.

Neumarkter Strasse 18, 8000 München 80, Germany

Vietnam Aviation Printing Company

Makes Vietnam Airlines' bags. 
Gia Lam Airport, Hanoi 10.000, Vietnam
Tel. +84-8-272 08, 732 513, Fax +84-8-272 851,


Total Packaging Solutions. Big North American bagmaker. "Our unique, highly skilled in-house graphics center ensures reproduction of our customers' demanding designs to communicate the desired marketing messages - the total package." 

Actually, Winpak's bag designs are among the most boring in the skies -- see Air Canada for proof. Perhaps their customers aren't demanding enough?
100 Saulteaux Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3J 3T3, Canada
Tel. +1-204-889 1015, Fax +1-204-888 7806,


A poetic poochpoopscoop supplier from Missouri, the Show Me State:

"The clean solution to dog pollution... Roses Are Red, Yucko's Are Brown, Since You Own A Dog, They're On The Ground!"

"#1 in St Louis for Turd-herding!"
Tel +1 (314) 770-1500,


ZS Bag Co. Inc.

Makers of the Spike and Mike's cartoonbag series.